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Each year, the Clinic performs nearly 10,000 total medical and dental patient visits, prescribes medications, provides on-site laboratory testing and ultrasound examinations, offers low/no-cost referrals to radiology centers for basic X-ray and barium studies as well as provides comprehensive diabetes care and education. Additionally, over 55 subspecialists accept referrals to their practices from Clinic providers and on-site clinics in dermatology, gynecology, ophthalmology and infectious disease are maintained.


Calling all healthcare professionals (both medical & dental); you are needed!! Volunteers are an integral part of the Clinic’s ministry and are encouraged to join us to make a difference in a community that lives in great need. If you are a longtime career professional or just beginning as a student, you are welcomed to come make a difference while offering hope to many who live with very little.

Spiritual Care

The Clinic practices Whole Person care, i.e. we care for the whole person in the sense that we minister to the Mind, Body & Spirit. We care for each patient physically, emotionally, socially & spiritually believing these are components of the whole person. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in such care but are not required to. We offer onsite whole person care instruction and in conjunction with Grand Canyon University have developed an online curriculum to facilitate Whole Person care instruction.

Tell the state where to spend your tax dollars!

Arizona Taxpayers may personally redirect a portion of their state tax dollars to The Neighborhood Christian Clinic. It’s like giving without giving! The Charitable (Working Poor) Tax Credit allows for donations to the Clinic to be returned to the taxpayer in the form of a tax credit! The state income tax you owe is lowered by the amount of your donation. It’s not just a reduction of taxable income!

In 2023 the allowable credit for married taxpayers is $841. For single taxpayers the allowable credit is $421. Tax Credit donations may be made up to April 15 for the previous year’s return.

For the 2024 tax year, the allowable credit is $938 for married tax payers and $470 for single filers.

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Spiritual Care Curriculum

Welcome to the Whole Person / Spiritual Care Curriculum.
The five course curriculum is designed to teach healthcare professionals how to deliver whole person and spiritual care in healthcare settings. The courses deal with biblical, ethical, legal and scientific issues concerning Spiritual Care as well as practical ways to implement it.  Three of five courses are available with two others being developed.

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