Low-cost care for uninsured patients:  Find Care

Healing the body isn’t enough.

Every patient has spiritual needs too.

A clinic offering physical and spiritual healing in the name of
Jesus to uninsured and underserved patients in Arizona.

Over 1 million people in Phoenix don’t have access to the medical care they need.

Since 1999, the Clinic has partnered with volunteer healthcare professionals and generous supporters to:

  • Provide high-quality, low-cost healthcare services to uninsured, underserved patients
  • Equip healthcare professionals to offer whole-person care in their daily practice
  • Share the Gospel and the love of Christ in any healthcare setting

Why Whole-Person Care

More efficient care, dollar for dollar

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of healthcare professionals and interpreters – and to the generosity of those who care – the Clinic is able to provide services at minimal cost to uninsured patients. 

Patients pay a reduced fee of $40 per medical visit and $50 per dental visit. For additional services, we offer a minimal fee schedule.

By paying a small fee, patients are more vested in their healthcare decisions.

All additional costs beyond what the patient pays are covered by the Clinic’s community of generous partners.

Services with the highest standard
of care

Each year, the Clinic performs nearly 10,000 patient visits, serving those in medical need who don’t qualify for government-sponsored healthcare.

Medical Visits

Dental Visits

Behavioral Health


Partners of the Clinic

The Clinic is supported by a combination of individual donations and charitable grants.

Support has been provided by:

Our Leadership



ext. 112

Richard Hoyner, DDS

Dentist & Dental Director

ext. 112

Paul Lorentsen, MD

Medical Director, Co-founder

ext. 112

Plooster, MBA

Executive Director

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Board of Directors

Mark Harshbarger


Wayne Ong


Tina Allen


David Tellez

MD, Co-founder

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