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Tax Credit

Effective with 2016, the Charitable Tax Credit amount has been increased from $400 to $800 for couples and from $200 to $400 for individual filers. The tax credit amount has doubled; this year, you can double your tax credit donation to the Clinic without it costing you anything.

Taxpayers filing in Arizona have the unique opportunity to actually redirect a portion of the state tax dollars they already pay into charitable channels at no additional financial cost to themselves! The potential impact for the Clinic is huge. If each Clinic donor doubled their tax credit donation to the Clinic, we would be able to facilitate thousands of more patient visits each year and have even a greater impact for God’s Kingdom on a community living in great need.

For Taxpayers

  • The credit allowed for married taxpayers is $800
  • For single taxpayers the allowed credit is $400

You may donate online by clicking here. For more information and tax forms see the Arizona Department of Revenue Website or call (602) 255-3381.

Donors who use this tax credit may also qualify for other Arizona tax credit programs. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization making donations eligible for appropriate tax deductions on state and federal taxes. The Neighborhood Christian Clinic’s qualifying charitable organization code is 20278.

The Neighborhood Christian Clinic does not offer legal or tax advice. Always check with a qualified and licensed professional regarding all matters related to tax or legal issues. Information can be found at the Arizona Department of Revenue website under Refunds & Credits or by calling Tax Payer Assistance at 602 255 3381.