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Thank you for supporting the Clinic

A very large portion of the Clinic’s funding comes from private individuals. Whether it is through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, the United Way employee giving program (ID #1323) or donations mailed in or made online, your support is appreciated.  On the rightside of this page, you may donate online or download a from to complete and mail-in. If you have any questions, please call 602 258 6008 x110.


  • 75% – 80% of the Clinic’s operating revenue is from individual donations
  • 5% – 8% is from charitable grants and foundations
  • 15% – 20% is received through patient receipts. By paying a small fee, patients are dignified and become vested in making responsible healthcare decisions. The Clinic absorbs all additional costs for patient care.

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Most people are unaware of the fact that the state of Arizona permits us to redirect a portion of our tax dollars to a qualifying charity, thus allowing us to give to charitable organizations out of the tax dollars that we already pay. Learn More »

The Neighborhood Christian Clinic’s qualifying charitable organization code is 20278.

Arizona Department of Revenue »

The Neighborhood Christian Clinic Endowment

In 2009, the Board of Directors unanimously agreed to establish an Endowment fund to be managed by the Arizona Community Foundation. The Board believed such a fund is necessary for the long-term future of the Clinic and its vital ministry in the community. The Board members provided initial funding, personally.

What is an Endowment fund? An endowment is a restricted pool of monies invested long term with the intent of using the interest and dividends to help support the operating budget of the Clinic. To preserve and grow principal balances, there are limitations on withdrawals to ensure the fund endures in perpetuity.

Interested? Please contact the Clinic’s Executive Director or the Arizona Community Foundation at (602) 381-1400 or 800-222-8221.

Please support the Clinic in a lasting way by contributing to the Endowment Fund.

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which makes your donations eligible for appropriate tax deductions on state and federal taxes. The Neighborhood Christian Clinic does not offer legal or tax advice. Always check with a qualified and licensed professional regarding all matters related to tax or legal issues.