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Person Care

Because every patient
spiritual needs too.

Healing the body isn’t enough

As one of the largest industries in the U.S., healthcare is full of people who are broken – not just physically but also socially, emotionally and spiritually. Yet when care is focused on treating only broken bodies, it leaves lives just as broken as before.

Redeeming healthcare through the power of Christ

By training healthcare professionals and volunteers in whole-person care, they’re equipped to go beyond fixing cells and to share Jesus with every patient. Together we can build a spiritual movement – right within the medical community.

Gospel training for healthcare professionals

The Whole Person Care Program is a free, interactive, 5-course curriculum equipping medical providers to care for the whole person and share the Gospel with any patient in any setting. This curriculum was developed in partnership with Grand Canyon University.

Good news for every patient

At Neighborhood Christian Clinic, care is patient centered. Clinic staff and volunteers are open to sharing the Gospel and praying with patients. This, however, is never forced. Our team is trained in whole-person care and equipped to recognize appropriate opportunities to share Jesus – and they do so only with patient consent.

Join a bold community

spreading the Gospel

throughout healthcare.

Together we can reach more uninsured and underserved patients with physical and
spiritual healing.